Providing reliable EV charging to your customers.

Grow your business revenue and attract more people to your site or business with our market leading commercial EV charging solution.

Combining rapid charging with industry-leading uptime, ElectRoad is the most reliable provider for EV charging infrastructure

Our highly experienced team have implemented EV charging systems for businesses, local authorities and public destinations over the past 10 years, consistently assisting our clients in reaching their energy efficiency goals to help the environment and generate extra revenue through the deployment of ElectRoad and our market leading charge points for rapid charging.

What We Do

Helping generate revenue from your EV system

We support a wide range of EV solutions, including for retail and leisure outlets, restaurants, and local authorities, forecourt operators and service stations. ElectRoad provides full visibility of all your chargers as well as industry leading aftercare and support for your customers.

Increase footfall

Providing fast, reliable EV charging at you site will help grow loyalty with customers and increase footfall to your business as more people trasition to EVs.

Easy-to-use & reliable

Visitors can simply tap and charge with our built-in contactless payments to ensure fast simple payments – no need to download an app to pay.

Generate revenue

Set your own tariff’s and rates for different users and have full visibility of every charger on your network from our simple to use ElectRoad dashboard.

Green solutions

ElectRoad helps reduce the environmental impact of your business activities with full and clear monitoring of your network via the dashboard.

Why choose ElectRoad?


Our customers appreciate the speed, convenience, and reliability of our charging stations and network, as well as the friendly and knowledgeable support of our 24/7 customer service team for both operators and customers.


ElectRoad establishes itself as a benchmark for excellence for reliability with 99.8% up time and 24/7 support. With real time monitoring and automated fault fixing ElectRoad ensures your chargers are available to use when your customers need it most.

Generate a ROI

ElectRoad will help provide you a guaranteed income, and a ROI within only 3 years* ensuring you can improve your revenue streams and increase footfall for customers and visitors with our complete full turnkey solution. We supply, install, maintain and provide the management system with ElectRoad to help get your EV network generating a revenue.






“ElectRoad makes it easy and affordable to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Our industry-leading, software and services are tailored to provide complete ease-of-use to customers and full visibility of your network for management.”


Accelerate your EV experience with our ElectRoad charging app – download now!

With the ElectRoad EV driver app, drivers can effortlessly find compatible charging stations, initiate and pay for their charging sessions, and keep track of their progress – all through a user-friendly interface. Download and sign up today!

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