EV charging made easy with the ElectRoad charging app – Download today!

Find the nearest EV stations on the ElectRoad network, pay and charge for your EV sessions and monitor in real-time your charging progress. Download our user friendly app today!

Effortlessly charge your vehicle with our seamless charging experience

We’ve always had contactless payment on every rapid charger, and we always will.

With our EV charging app, you can easily locate and access ElectRoad charging stations, monitor your charging sessions, and pay for your charging, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Our app is designed to work seamlessly with all types of EVs, providing you with an optimal charging experience every time.

Download our EV charging app now.

Our ElectRoad driver app features include:

Easy session starting

Drivers initiate charging sessions by scanning a QR code or selecting a nearby EVSE.

Clear charging rates

Visible summary of charging costs, such as /kWh rate, connection, parking and overstay fees before starting sessions.

Save payment details

Credit or debit card details can be stored for ease of future sessions.

Real-time session tracking

Visibility of progress on the current status of kWh charging and cost.

Charging session insights

Summary of charging session including energy received and cost of session.

Discover nearby chargers

Nearby chargers can be easily identified on the ElectRoad driver app map.

Direct issue reporting

A more in-depth summary screen tells drivers all their costs and allows them to report an issue.

Accidental end control

Sessions require a hold down button to be stopped – meaning no accidental ending of sessions.

We have our 24/7 helpline for customers charging queries

Our freephone support number is on every charger and clearly visible in our app. Support for when you need it 24/7.

We understand that EV drivers may have questions or concerns while using our app and chargers across the network.

That’s why we have a freephone support line that is available 24/7 to assist you in case you need any help. Our support team is trained to handle all kinds of queries, from simple to complex, and they are always ready to provide you with simple, fast, and helpful solutions.

Our freephone number is on every charger so you can rest assured our helpful team are there to guide you with your EV charging needs.

“ElectRoad makes it easy and affordable to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Our industry-leading, software and services are tailored to provide complete ease-of-use to customers and full visibility of your network for management.”


Accelerate your EV experience with our ElectRoad charging app – download now!

With the ElectRoad EV driver app, drivers can effortlessly find compatible charging stations, initiate and pay for their charging sessions, and keep track of their progress – all through a user-friendly interface. Download and sign up today!

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