Fleet EV Charging Solutions

We specialise in delivering comprehensive charging solutions for fleets that keeps your business moving with full visibility of your EV vehicles and chargers

Fast and simple fleet EV charging solutions for fleet managers and businesses looking to save money.

Our commercial fleet solutions provide you with the control and flexibility of setting your own charge schedules, user access and load management.

Enjoy significant business savings by electrifying your fleet vehicles and acquire the ability to access associated electricity costs at a glance from our all-in-one EV charger management platform, ElectRoad.

With our full turn key solution we can be your partner every step of the way from supply, install, maintenance through to ongoing support for your EV fleet as it grows into the future.

What We Do

Helping you view, track and manage your EV fleet charging

In the fleet sector, ensuring that your EV chargers are reliable and ready to use stands as one of the most vital needs on an EV system. ElectRoad is the UK’s most reliable network and our core value proposition is crafted to maximise uptime (our stands at 99.8%), as well as offering robust 24/7 customer support for a seamless transition to electrification of your fleet.

Manage fleet usage

Efficiently oversee, track, and monitor the charging activities of your  EV fleet with ElectRoad whilst staying in control of tariffs set on your chargers.

Reliable charging

With 99.8% uptime on our chargers and our ongoing technical support available 24/7 you can be safe knowing your chargers are ready when you need them.

Access Controls

Restrict access to only the drivers you want; set opening times, multiple tariffs and how drivers start their sessions (RFID, Pay as you Go online or driver app.)

Energy monitoring

Ensure your site has the capacity to handle your charging needs with our  dynamic load balancing, energy spike alerts and live view of site and charger energy demand.

Why choose ElectRoad to power your fleet?


ElectRoad establishes itself as a benchmark for excellence for reliability with 99.8% up time and 24/7 support. With real time monitoring and automated fault fixing ElectRoad ensures your chargers are available to use when your customers need it most.


Charging is simple for your drivers to recharge your fleet. Simply plugin and tap an RFID card to get started. With our recommended 47kW chargers you can get back to 80% charge in just 30mins to ensure your fleet is available when you need it.

Full visibility and accountability

Smart, scalable and money-saving electric vehicle charging solutions for businesses and fleet managers that link through to telematics with full reporting for a simple to use online platform accessibile from any device with ElectRoad.






“ElectRoad makes it easy and affordable to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Our industry-leading, software and services are tailored to provide complete ease-of-use to customers and full visibility of your network for management.”


Accelerate your EV experience with our ElectRoad charging app – download now!

With the ElectRoad EV driver app, drivers can effortlessly find compatible charging stations, initiate and pay for their charging sessions, and keep track of their progress – all through a user-friendly interface. Download and sign up today!

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