We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about ElectRoad and Electric Vehicles (EVs) in general. Read below to learn more!

What is ElectRoad?

ElectRoad provides the ultimate EV charger management system for local authorities, fleet operators and businesses of all sizes for a simple monthly cost.

Our industry leading flexible system provides you with monitoring by person, by vehicle, by time, by tariff, covering workplace, public and home charging. It’s the all-in-one perfect platform for growing your EV solution.

How can ElectRoad help generate a revenue?

The ElectRoad platform is ultimately flexible meaning you can configure your chargers to deliver the charging solution you need, whether for your visitors, guests, staff or fleet.

Set opening times and multiple tariffs. Plus ElectRoad can manage all your payments for you.

By providing you with a complete dashboard and visibility of your network you can easily monitor and see what chargers are genearting the most revenue.

How reliable is ElectRoad?

ElectRoad is the most reliable EV network in the UK.

For charge point operators, installers and those with large networks of commercial chargers, ElectRoad goes far beyond simple charger issue reporting. We provide a comprehensive service that monitors network health and ensures your chargers are back up and running as soon as possible.


  • Driver fault reporting
  • Automated fault reporting
  • Alert system via email and SMS
  • Track open issues
  • Click to fix remote maintenance
  • Troubleshooting tools
What are the main features of ElectRoad?

ElectRoad starts with a central platform for managing, monitoring and operating your chargers which is accessible from any device from your portal.


  • Manage all your chargers in one back office system
  • Use chargers from multiple vendors in the same network
  • Supports any number of chargers
  • Add, view and manage your network of chargers
  • Start charging with RFID cards
  • Comprehensive reporting including OLEV compliant reports
  • Complete flexibility with access controls
How will the public find my chargers?

With our location services ElectRoad will enable you to reach more customers and visitors looking to use the network, you will have full visibility on both our app and with Zap Maps. It can help:

  • Increase visibility
  • Attract drivers
  • Grow revenue
  • Improve utilisation
  • More customers to other site facilities
    How can people pay for using our chargers with ElectRoad?

    We believe charging your EV should be simple. You can set bespoke tariffs and charge for the amount of electricity used.

    With the largest offering of accepted payment types, including contactless, people can pay for your charge the way you want to.

    Simple and contactless payments by tapping your card on the reader, our in depth app which provides you with a full history of usage and options such as RFiD cards we have you covered.

    What are the different types of Electric Vehicle?

    Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
    The real deal – not hybrid. Simple electric vehicle (i.e. Renault Zoe).

    A hybrid has both electric and petrol engines, the electric range is typically around 10-20 miles. For higher speed driving and longer distances the petrol motor is used, for city driving and short distances the car uses the electric motor (i.e. Toyota Prius).

    Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)
    A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is similar to a conventional hybrid in that it retains a petrol or diesel engine. However larger battery size increases electric-only range, while the biggest difference is the ability to charge via mains electricity (i.e. Mitsubishi Outlander).

    Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV)
    An extended-range electric vehicle is an extension of a plug-in hybrid. A conventional engine is retained but is much smaller and the battery capacity is generally increased. In a pure EREV, the wheels can only be driven by the electric motor(s), the internal combustion engine only being used to hold or recharge the batteries as they become depleted (i.e. BMW i3).

    How far can a typical EV travel on a single charge?

    Three years ago most EVs had a real-world range of around 80-100 miles. Technology is changing fast and 120-150 miles is now more normal. Some of the bigger premium models (such as the Tesla Model S) can achieve 300 miles plus.

    Depending on the model, PHEVs are able to drive 15-40 miles in electric only mode. However, when the conventional petrol or diesel engine is used, PHEVs have a range that can exceed 500 miles on both fuels. EREVs usually offer the same amount of range as BEVs on electric but then can call on a small combustion engine to extend the range to 200-300 miles.

    Are Electric Vehicles more environmentally friendly?

    No tail pipe emissions – that’s one of the joys of Electric vehicles – zero-emission at point of use. However, emissions are produced during the generation of electricity, the amount depending on the method of generation.

    Centralised energy generation is more efficient than millions of individual petrol and diesel engines. Our electricity supply is made up of a combination of coal, gas, nuclear and renewables. The proportion of carbon generating coal and gas fired stations is reducing as the renewable sector expands. So yes, more environmentally friendly on both counts – less pollution at the point of use and less pollution total.

    What EV Models are available?

    All the main car manufacturers are bringing out EVs now. It’s worth keeping an eye on Zap Map where there is an up to date list of models available.

    “ElectRoad makes it easy and affordable to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Our industry-leading, software and services are tailored to provide complete ease-of-use to customers and full visibility of your network for management.”


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