The Ultimate EV Charger Management System

ElectRoad provides the ultimate EV charger management system for local authorities, fleet operators and businesses of all sizes for a simple monthly cost. Our industry leading flexible system provides you with monitoring by person, by vehicle, by time, by tariff, covering workplace, public and home charging. It’s the all-in-one perfect platform for growing your EV solution.

Home Charging

Manage public and home charging in one portal/app with our complete charging solution from ElectRoad. You can easily track consumption for charging at home and generate reimbursement reports. Using this feature, it is simple to cover the charging costs for company cars charging at home.

Access Control

Our ElectRoad system offers a flexible and scalable infrastructure to meet your unique EV charging needs. You can provide a variety of access to different users of your EV Chargers including RFiD cards, Contactless Payment terminals and management through an App.

Dynamic Load Management

Dynamic Load Management ensures optimal distribution of your existing power capacity without the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. It also removes the necessity for wiring between your EV chargers to further reduce installation and maintenance costs.

About ElectRoad

The most cost-effective and reliable EV management platform available today   

Oversee all your EV charging points with real-time reporting, automatic remote fault finding and full analytics 

Our reporting tools allow local authorities, fleet operators and businesses from small to large enterprises to analyse data reports from across their entire ev chargers and increase real-time cost visibility.

We help you scale your charging infrastructure alongside your vehicles on the road. ElectRoad helps you substantially reduce the environmental impact of your business activities with it’s full and clear monitoring from your computer or via the app. ElectRoad also provides operational excellence, stability and reliability with the vast majority of issues fixed remotely using the system.

Monetise and maintain your charging stations

Create a brand new EV charging network or migrate your public or private business’s EV charging network to ElectRoad, our scalable platform that can grow with your needs both now and in the future.

We’ll help you streamline operations and reduce the total cost of ownership of your EV network to help make you more money.

ElectRoad EV Charger System

ElectRoad EV management

Our Features

Manage your entire EV charging network from your own desk. Whether this is for two chargers at a holiday park, your fleet of vehicles, EV chargers for your staff in your car park or a large network of EV chargers across multiple sites/ locations.

You can easily set up, monitor, and maintain your chargers remotely. Experience an all-in-one platform for more efficient administration of all your EV charge points.

You can review billing remotely in real time to optimize operations and maintain control. ElectRoad can also seamlessly integrate with a number of EV charging solutions including:

  • Contactless

The simplest and easiest way to pay for EV Charging. Users simply tap a payment card to activate the charger, no App, no key fob, no wasted time.

  • RFID (Key Fob / RFID Card)

RFID is recognised as the best way of providing charger access for staff and vehicles. Allowing not only access control but also dual tariffs (such as only allowing charge at night on cheap rates).

  • App

Ideal for identification by person. This can include payment options if required. Dual tariffs and day/ night charging rates.

    Dynamic Load Management

    Dynamic Load Management is vital for locations where multiple charging stations are installed, and the site has limited power capacity. You can avoid expensive power capacity upgrades and still install the desired number of chargers at the site as Dynamic Load Management automatically distributes the available power to ensure that the grid is not overloaded.

    Access Control

    We provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure to meet your unique EV charging needs. You can provide a variety of access to different users such as clients, visitors or the general public of your EV Chargers including RFiD cards, Contactless Payment terminals, and full management through an App.

    Analytics and reporting

    Our ElectRoad EV Charging Platform offers fleet operators and local authorities access to real-time insights. These include EV drivers’ charging behaviour, energy consumption, and more. You can analyse data reports from across your entire charging ecosystem and increase real-time cost visibility.

    Home Charging

    Businesses and local authorities are recognising the potential home charging has as a solution for their employees and corporate fleets. You can easily track consumption for charging at home and generate reimbursement reports with ElectRoad.

    Solar Integration

    Power your vehicles using green solar energy. ElectRoad can fully monitor and manage your EV charger system and show the electricity generated and money saved from your solar system integration.

    Keep Chargers Stable and Available

    Manage your EV charging infrastructure remotely from your desktop or whilst on the go. Get information on faults direct from ElectRoad and set up custom notifications to ensure you can resolve issues before drivers attempt to plug-in.

    ElectRoad complete EV management

    How our platform works

    Our ElectRoad online platform gives you everything you need to understand all of the costs, energy savings and usage associated to electric vehicles and drivers using your chargers.With ElectRoad, you can manage costs, staff expenses and charging activity whether your charger is setup for your fleet, workplace, small business, large network of chargers or for the general public use.

    ElectRoad EV management

    The EV revolution is already on its way

    With the sales of new petrol and diesel cars to end by 2030 in the UK now is the time to grow your EV charging network with our full turn-key EV charging management system to provide the full range of benefits to EV drivers across your network.

    The ElectRoad cloud-based platform consists of a variety of modules such as: Operations Management, Smart Energy Management, Billing Management, Driver Self-service Tools and EV Fleet Management and provides the following features:


    • Realtime reporting
    • Smart energy and tariff management
    • Access for full control via web, and mobile apps
    • Automate and streamline your business processes
    • Provide dynamic pricing based on the time of day, kWh, or duration
    • Set up different pricing structures for different groups of EV drivers,(e.g. clients / non-clients)

    Local Authorities

    Whether you are looking for EV chargers in specific locations such as community car parks or on street, or exploring adding EV charging hubs we can help and offer you options depending on your objectives. We work with public sector bodies and local authorities across England. ElectRoad can help you set up an intelligent, future-fit EV charging infrastructure with full reporting and management of every part of your system. 

    Fleet Operators

    For a successful EV fleet, you need to stay in full control of your entire charging network and resolve issues to reduce costs significantly. ElectRoad integrates with your existing fleet management software, and provides you with real-time crucial alerts and fault notifications. It can also connects your employees’ home chargers and integrate with your business/ public charging operators.

    ElectRoad Management System

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